Private Villas in Koh Samui

luxury-samui-villasA peaceful and relaxing haven, perfect for today’s tourists – well describes Private Koh Samui villa. Lying close to Chaweng Noi Beach, the resort is located amid a tropical garden where tranquility reigns supreme. New Star Beach Resort Koh Samui is no doubt an ideal romantic getaway for honeymooners and couples who value privacy more than anything else.

Despite its isolated location, Luxury Samui villa is close enough to the main shopping and entertainment center of Chaweng. This makes it possible for resort guests to enjoy the best of both worlds without compromising on luxury and comfort.

The rooms and suites of the resort are furnished in natural tones and textures to give a soothing and relaxing experience to the occupants. The lavish use of wood in the décor, the array of fragrant flowers, the glow of candles and lights, the caressing breeze and the breath-taking ocean views create a special ambience that resort guests tend to remember long after leaving the shores of Thailand.

Koh Samui villa has five types of accommodations on offer – Beachfront Villas, Ocean Pool Villas, Suite Villas, Palm Rooms and Cottages. All the rooms are spacious and well-equipped with state-of-the-art facilities and amenities expected from an international resort. With the selection of sports facilities and leisure activities available on its premises, it is possible to spend a laid-back vacation without leaving the resort grounds.

Luxury villas for rent by Samui Villa Retreat offers a variety of options for enjoying good food. The guests can either dine in air-conditioned comfort or by the pool or on the open-air deck facing the sea. The Lime, the main restaurant, serves delectable dishes both indoors and outdoors. Chill by Pool specializes in fresh seafood and Mediterranean cuisine. 9 Degrees North have a selection of snacks, tropical cocktails and an extensive wine list. The Lobby Lounge and Destination Dining complete the resort’s gastronomical offering.

Top 4 Villas Bali Has To Offer This Year


When you travel to Bali, and visit the museum, or the well-known Banjar Hot Springs, it’s a memorable place, one that is shrouded in culture, and of course modern amenities. It is a tourist attraction, one that generates thousands of visitors every month, renting out all of the hotels and villas that are available. There is a reason people go to this tropical paradise, and there are also ways that you can save money on your next trip there by following these simple suggestions.

Getting Great Deals On Bali Villas

Doing a cursory search on the Internet for the many different villas that are out there, you will realize that there are quite a few to choose from  Bali has come along way in the last 50 years, attracting people from all over the world. The reason that it is so popular is because of the warm weather, the beautiful Hindu buildings, and the jungle’s that have monkeys and ancient ruins. It has something for everyone, from snorkeling to scuba diving, or checking out active volcanoes, a place that will never disappoint. However, where you can become a little disgruntled is in the prices of the villas that you will find, averaging about $200 a night. In order to get great deals on the best Bali villas, package deals are always the best way to go.

Top Four Bali Villas For Less

There are several different villas that stand at the top of the list, some of which are hotels or resorts. The Maya Ubud Resort & Spa is very popular considered to be one of the most trendy, along with the absolutely beautiful Grand Mirage Resort. The third one on the list is the Alila Villas Uluwatu along with the The Bali villas for rent Hotel & Spa. Despite the high prices for all of the luxuries that you will receive, great discounts can be found by booking early, choosing the right package deal, and also taking advantage of specials that travel websites are offering made available through some of the hotels that we have mentioned. This is how you can save as much as 40% on your hotel stay, and when booking with your flight and your car, your savings can be substantial, sometimes several thousand dollars, giving you quite a bit more spending cash while you are in Bali to do all of the wonderful things that are available.

Using these simple tips for locating great deals on top rated villas in Bali, it will make your trip extra special, ensuring that you will have the best opportunity to go on this tropical vacation, and not go broke in the process. It is definitely worth all of the money will spend, but that doesn’t mean taking advantage of deals that are offered is not the right thing to do. Go ahead and book your Bali vacation, choose a villa that is to your liking, and save money on this trip that you most certainly deserve.