Private Villas In Bali That You Should Stay At


A trip to Bali is very appealing to most people. It is a tropical location, one that has excellent weather eight months of the year, that is for the exception of the monsoon season. When you travel between the months of March and November, you can look forward to sunny beaches, beautiful tropical jungles, and many activities in the warm waters such as snorkeling and scuba diving. For people that love Hawaii, you will really enjoy Bali. However, they are different in regard to their architecture and origins. The Hindu temples that span the landscape are reminiscent of how things used to be, and now as a tourist attraction, you can take advantage of the modern amenities including the private villas in Bali that are available.

Where To Stay In Bali

There are quite a few places that have exceptional ratings in Bali if you would like to stay including hotels like Alaya Resort Ubud, The St. Regis Bali Resort and The Oberoi Bali. There are also private villas that you can take advantage of, many of which will be at a little higher price. They may be smaller, but their location makes them very popular, which means they will be booked out well in advance. The more time that you are spending their, however, you can secure excellent deals, deals that are usually only available on the Internet.

Booking Your Bali Vacation

Once you decide to go, and if you would prefer traveling just outside of the monsoon season, you are going to get exceptional prices. This is not only on the flight over, but the hotels and villas that are available, even though private villas that are so highly coveted. The reason is that most people travel during the warmer times of the year where they can take advantage of weeks of beautiful clear blue skies. The weather is always warm because of its low latitude, and taking advantage of the warm waters, there is really no better place that you can visit at almost any time during the year. To book your vacation, you should always check out the many different websites that offer exceptional deals including Priceline and Orbitz to name a few. The package deals are exceptional, allowing you to save sometimes thousands of dollars, especially when going with groups of people.

Choosing The Right Hotel

What you might want to do is go with a website that only has hotel and Villa information, and you can read the ratings on the different ones that are available. Once you have several on your list, go to one of the major travel sites, and choose that particular hotel, one that you believe will be the best, and add that to your travel package. This will ensure that you will not only get the best price on the entire vacation, but the amount of money that you spend will also get you a private villa in some cases. This way, if you decide to travel to Tirta Gangga, Jatiluwih Green Land or some other type of beautiful location in Bali, you will have plenty of extra money to spend.

These basic tips on when to book your vacation, and some examples of great villas to stay at, should give you a general idea of what is available in this island nation. It is a romantic spot, a place that can really help anyone relaxing getaway, indication that people will always remember in the tropical paradise known as Bali.